Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Right Lane

I often wonder in my fit of "Road Rage", what goes on in the mind of the driver that is determined not to merge into the right lane; when due to their speed they clearly belong over there. They continue to nonchalantly continue on in the left lane at their own (slow) pace as if they don't see all the cars lining up behind them cause they can't pass due to the car that IS in the right lane. LOL!! They continue to mosey along as if they have no where to be. I imagine the driver glancing in their rear view mirror, looking and saying to themselves, "hmmph I'm not getting over Bitches, better go around!" and then laughing to themselves. Look people if you can't keep up with the left lane traffic and speed, get your slow ass in the RIGHT lane where you belong and stop being stubborn! Simple as that. Another thing, while we are on the subject of "merging"; when approaching a ramp and cars are entering the highway get over and let them on! That should be automatic. I almost ran out of road and had to stop because some idiot didn't want to get over. It's not Rocket Science, people!

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