Tuesday, June 29, 2010

" I love you"

Funny how just three little words can turn your life upside down. When a person finally says that famous three word phrase, the recipient is hopefully on the same page and says it back or left feeling awkward if it's too much for them. Then again if it's really soon this may be a bit scary. Unfortunately some people say "I love you" in order to control a person or to get what they want from that person: "I love you don't you love me?". Love is a powerful emotion and can not only bring many forms of joy and happiness but also be the cause of great pain and suffering. So if you are not ready for all that comes along with this confession, whether true to word or not, PLEASE don't say it. Actions show and prove more times than none and you can really scar a person, trust me the next person or persons who attempt to really love this individual don't want the headache of cleaning up your mess. No one wants damaged goods. When you love someone there are no limits at what you will do or sacrifice for them. Unconditional love (Agape love) is rare and once you find it, you cherish it and hold on to it cause you may never get it back once it's gone. Are you truly ready to say "I love you" or do you have agenda?

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